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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Parts: Original TorqueMaster System

Wayne Dalton's Original Torquemaster system, pictured above but with the new style drums, also called the Torquemaster One system, used special hardware compatable with Wayne Dalton's Torquemaster torsion springs. The Original Torquemaster system pictured above with the newer drums was used with two Torquemaster torsion springs. From left to right, the parts included: left winding bracket, left counter, counter gear, drive gear, left cable drum, left winding cone, support bracket, right winding cone, right cable drum, drive gear, winding gear, right counter, and right winding bracket. Most of these parts are no longer available.

As of 2012 Wayne Dalton stopped making many of the original Torquemaster One parts. The cable drums were replaced with the new drums that are backward compatible. Earlier springs had .721" inside diameters and the plastic cones for these are no longer made. If you are ordering new springs, the new steel cones will come installed in the ends of the springs; you do not need to order cones with your new springs. If you need a cone that is not on the list below, you will need to install a new spring with the .65" inside diameter and the steel winding cones. Also, please note. You cannot replace the plastic cones for .721" ID springs with with the steel cones for .65" ID springs; they are incompatible. We are removing the plastic cones from our list below as inventories diminish.

Counter wheels and counter gears have also been discontinued. If those are the only broken parts on your spring system, you can roll a piece of paper or cardboard and insert it into the end of your spring cone to count the number of turns as you wind the spring.

In 2013 the factory ceased production of the Torquemaster I winding brackets and winding gears. Before purchasing replacement springs for the Torquemaster I system pictured above, check your winding brackets and your gears to make sure they are not stripped. If one of them is damaged, you will need to convert to a Torquemaster Plus system with new cable drums, cables and winding brackets pictured below. Instructions for replacing Torquemaster Plus springs are at Wayne Dalton's web site.

You'll also need to replace the flagangles, or flag brackets as they are more commonly called in the door industry. These are designed to accommodate the Torquemaster Plus Type II winders.

Wayne Dalton makes two types of flagangles. The top bracket pictured above, our part number WD-FLGS, secures the tracks with screws. The bottom bracket above secures the tracks by twisting the flagangle tabs inside the tracks. This is our part number WD-FLGT. These parts, as well as kits for converting from Torquemaster One to Torquemaster Plus systems are available below.

The cable drums pictured above replace the original cable drums that were designed by Wayne Dalton for the Original Torquemaster system. They work on both systems. The original drums had cable saftey covers, but these covers have since been obsoleted.

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Plus Garage Door Parts

Wayne Dalton also introduced the Torquemaster Plus system pictured above; it is also called the Torquemaster II system. The .721" ID oil tempered springs were replaced with .65" ID music wire springs. This system uses cable drums that are compatable with the Original Torquemaster system as well as the same bracket, but it uses fewer parts overall.

The Torquemaster II system parts include, from left to right: winding bracket, left cable drum, left winding cone, support bracket, right winding cone, right cable drum, and right winding bracket.

One noticable difference in the Torquemaster systems is the winding cones. The Original Torquemaster system uses raised grooves on the cone to connect to the winding unit, while the Torquemaster Plus system has divits in the cone to accomplish the same purpose. Notice also that the ends of the Torquemaster I winding cones are round, and that the ends of the Torquemaster II winding cones are hexagonal.

In addition to the differences in the design to the cones would also be the types of springs used on these systems. For more details on the springs for a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster system, check out our Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Springs page.

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