Shipping and Pick Up Information

Note: Prices Subject to Change

DDM Garage Doors, Inc. ships parts to all 50 states and to most parts of the globe where normal distribution systems can deliver our products. For information about shipping outside the US, see our international page.

Our parts catalog items are priced for national and international distribution and are, thus, lower than what garage door repair companies charge for the same parts.

Office hours for parts orders are normally from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time Monday through Friday, except that we close at 5:30 PM on Thursdays. On Saturdays we are usually open from 11 AM to 1 PM, but check our hours or call first. We close on some Saturdays.

Customer Pickups are available at our warehouse. This is located at 1092 Carolina Drive, Unit 5, in West Chicago, IL. Customers in Illinois and neighboring states are welcome to stop by and pick up parts instead of having them shipped. This allows for same day do-it-yourself repairs. We do advise calling and having us check inventory first. Also, if you are picking up springs we recommend you bring both springs or the measurements for both. There are no standard torsion springs. You can pay when you pick up the parts, or, if you prefer, you can order online and have the parts waiting for you when you arrive. Please note that if you come in from another state, and if you pick up parts here, you will be charged Illinois sales tax. The current rate here, subject to change, is 8.0 percent.

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If you have any questions regarding torsion springs, see our Torsion Spring FAQs page before you order.

If you are ready to order, see our How to Order page.

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