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Updated September12, 2019.

DDM Garage Doors was begun in 1982 by Dan Musick in West Chicago, IL to provide training to maintenance personnel in manufacturing plants, distribution centers, auto dealerships and other facilities with numerous overhead type doors.

In 1983 our first catalog was printed and distributed to provide door parts for our training customers, as well as to other maintenance personnel who were already repairing their own doors, but who needed a supplier for parts.

In the process of providing training and parts to this narrow market niche, a residential and commercial garage door sales, installation and service company developed. This division grew and came to dwarf the parts and training division. In 1989 the company name was changed to Dortrak, Inc., and in late 1991, the sales, installation and service division of the company was sold to one of our employees, who continues to do well with the business.

The company name was changed back to DDM Enterprises, Inc., at that time, and continues to provide parts training for maintenance personnel who repair their own doors.

Profits from the sale of the other division of the business were used to launch a marketing business that flopped. A line I learned from that business that I will never forget has to do with experience: "Experience is something that's happening to you that you wish to God was happening to someone else."

I lost a lot - it seemed like everything, and it may very well have been, at least financially. I would not have wished that experience on my worst enemy, but as it turned out, I would not trade it for anything. In the process of greedily building my own dream - my own idol, a friend confronted me with Jesus Christ, the only Son of the God Who created and sustains the universe. He broke my greedy, clutching fingers; He opened my hands to release me from the bars of a dark imprisonment; and I began to receive all that God has for me. I died to myself, and came to life with the life of Christ. If Christ is not living in you, I urge you to invite Him in. You may lose everything, but nothing of any value.

On the bookshelf at the foot of my bed where I unload my pockets every evening are two sticks with a nail driven through them. The sticks form a cross. Nailed to the cross are 38 pages of goals, affirmations - my dream, my life. It is a daily reminder of who I am and Whose I am. It has molded the company's purpose, values and vision.

It is no longer about us, but everything about God. DDM Garage Doors exists to bring glory to God. We will do this by serving our customers in any way we can, especially by fulfilling our commitments to them in the best way we can find.

We will do this by serving our few faithful stockholders by bringing them a good return on their investments. Update: We did this for a number of years. Rather than retain all the profits to build the business, we distributed all the profits at the end of each year. We finally bought back all the stock after doubling their investments in the company.

We will do this for ourselves by seeking "neither poverty nor riches," but "our portion, lest we be full and deny God saying, 'Who is the Lord?' and lest we be in want and steal, and profane the name of our God" (Prov. 30:8-9). Our lifestyle has remained the same.

In recent years our products and services have been extended to include residential DIY homeowners, commercial and industrial customers who need dock door and leveler parts and training, and garage door companies who need parts and training.

Your suggestions for improving our services would be appreciated.

Unmatched Support. The Right Part. DIY with Confidence!

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LOCAL PICKUPS: DDM is considered a life-sustaining company because we are an internet retail company that provides essential products. Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, however, we are changing our local order pickup policy at our West Chicago location. To pick up an order you will need to order first. The quickest way is to order in advance through our online shopping cart. There you can select the local pickup option. Or, you can call 630-293-1337 for assistance, to confirm availability of parts, and to place your order. Once ordered, your parts will be available for pickup in the lobby of our north side front entrance. Longer items will be picked up on the south side loading dock. Please honor the six foot social distancing rule. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate this challenge together. More information is available on our blog titled DDM Adjusts to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. In the same article you will also find documentation and an answer to the question: "Is a garage door repair company a life sustaining business?"