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How to Order

Door Weights. On this page you will find matched pairs of garage door torsion springs for 7 foot high doors weighing from 150 to 260 pounds. They are listed by the door weight that both springs pull on 4" drums to balance the door. If you don't know the door weight, you can order by spring dimensions or door model number and size at our Standard Garage Door Torsion Springs page.

Cycle Life. You will also notice the cycle life, the number of times a door opens and closes. The cycles listed are based on historic industry software. Samples of the precuts listed below have been tested to last up to 30% longer than the industry standard. As we conduct further tests, we expect to adjust the number of cycles for the various springs.

Spring Selection. If you have a 7 foot high door with standard 4" drums, and if you know the door weight, you can select the pair springs that best matches your door weight. Most manufacturers have their own precuts, and they often allow lift tolerances of 10 to 20 pounds below the actual door weight. For example, if a door weighs 180 pounds, springs that lift 170 pounds are acceptable. In a similar manner extension springs are sold in 10 pound lift increments.

For some of the door weights we list a second pair of springs. You will notice that the larger springs have longer cycle life. The better value is in the standard cycle life, but the longer life springs may be a better choice if you plan to live in your home more than eight years. As the spring cycle life increase, the cost per cycle decreases. For customers in their thirties and forties who plan to live in the same home for the rest of their lives, we often get orders for springs rated at more than 80,000 cycles. You'll find these on our Standard Garage Door Torsion Springs page.


Q: How do I measure my springs?

A: Very Carefully! Not properly measuring your springs can result in serious injury or a door that never works properly.

Q: How do I weigh my garage door?

A: On our YouTube channel you'll see one of several ways to weigh your door.

Q: How do I replace my garage door springs?

A: Here are our written and video instructions for replacing your springs.

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