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WD Conversion Kit for 2 Springs - 12" Radius Tracks, Twist Type

$176.06 per set

Product Description

Wayne Dalton Garage Door conversion kit for doors with two springs and with tracks that twist onto the interlocking tabs of the flagangles. 12" track radius.
Kit includes:. 1 Pair of cable drums with cables. 1 Pair of hex winding cones. If this kit is ordered with springs, the winding cones will be installed in the springs. 1 Right winding bracket. 1 Left winding bracket. 1 Pair of 18 1/2" flagangles for 12" radius curved track (see link below on to how measure track radius) and TorqueMaster Plus / Type II systems. The tracks twist onto the interlocking tabs of the flagangles.
If you have the older TorqueMaster springs with black plastic winding cones, the new TorqueMaster Plus cones will not fit in the springs. You will need to replace the springs as well, with the newer style springs that have hex cones.
For more information on Winders, view our Torsion Spring Winding Systems blog.
For a picture and instruction on how to determine the raduis size of your curved track, click on this DIY tuturial link and reference image 2.2.
Note: Garage door parts are designated left or right by the side on which they are viewed from inside the garage looking out.
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Quantity Discounts

2+: $176.06 per set
4+: $176.06 per set
8+: $176.06 per set



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