How to Remove a Steel Rolling Door

Posted March 29th, 2019 at 4:32 pm by Dan Musick

Note: These instructions are for smaller rolling doors less than 16 feet wide and 14 feet high.

1. If there is a hood covering the barrel remove the hood.
2. Open the door.
3. Remove the tracks on each side, but leave the longer vertical angles that support the end plates.
4. Wrap a strap or rope around the center of the curtain. Roll the curtain as needed, tighten and secure the strap or rope.
5. Free the drive hand chain if there is no operator.
6. If there is an operator, remove the final drive chain.
7. Suspend the operator if it is attached to end plate.
8. Unwind the spring(s) unless the spring or springs are already broken.
9. Support the barrel and curtain in middle with forklift blades separated as far as possible, checking to assure there is adequate clearance above the barrel. To protect the slats cover the forklift blades with pallets or 2 X 6 boards under the curtain. If there is not enough clearance, stack pallets and lift these in place to support the barrel.
10. Secure the curtain with a rope or strap to prevent it from rolling off the blades or pallets in the following steps.
11. Remove the two or three bolts on each side which secure the end plates to the vertical angle. Raise the forks as needed to free the bolts.
12. It is now time to lower the curtain. Important! Remember that the weight in the door is not evenly distributed because the springs are off to one side. As you pull the curtain away from the header, the winding side will be heavier and it may possibly drop. Support this end as needed with a rope, straps, or by hand as a second person walks this end down a ladder.
13. Lower the door to the floor.
14. Remove the two long vertical angles from the jambs. Some installers like to reuse the existing track angles. This may be possible if the S-dimension and holes on the new door and end plates match the S-dimension and holes on the old door.

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