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Posted August 31st, 2018 at 1:53 pm by Dan Musick

An image displaying the inside diameter of a 2 inch and 2 5/8 inch torsion springs.

There are a number of applications where the technician or homeowner needs to change the inside diameter of their springs. Our Torsion Spring Inside Diameter Converter page should help you decide if changing the inside diameter would benefit you.

One of the many reasons for changing the inside diameter is that older springs often have obsolete hardware or cones. When you go to replace them, you may find the older model isn’t available any more. When this happens, it can be necessary to buy springs with a different internal diameter from the originals.

Also, you will need a different torsion spring inside diameter if you want to change your spring specifications, but have limited space. This often occurs when installing longer life springs or high lift door springs.

A third application could be a time when torsion springs with different inside diameters are available, and you want to know if an available spring will work.

The fourth situation is to save on the cost of the end cones. Mass-produced cones cost less than many of the OEM cones. However, buying cheaper cones might necessitate buying springs of a different diameter.

For additional information on torsion springs, please watch our YouTube video titled “How To Measure Garage Door Torsion Springs.”

If you want to increase your torsion spring cycle life by as much as 50% without changing the length, wire size, or inside diameter, call us and ask for our special new longer-lasting torsion springs.

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