How to Identify the Dock Leveler Parts You Need

Posted September 7th, 2018 at 5:06 pm by Dan Musick

Since there have been about 20 dock leveler manufacturers over the decades, and since most have unique parts, it is best to begin by identifying the manufacturer of the leveler.

Usually, there is a label to identify the manufacturer and possibly the model.

Sometimes the label is on the front of the frame, as we see here with this Serco Leveler.

Sometimes the label is along the side of the leveler, as we see on this McGuire leveler.

Under some levelers you’ll find a manual rolled up and inserted into a tube that’s welded underneath the deck. There might also be parts under the deck that are labeled with the manufacturer’s name.

If you can’t identify the leveler you can take pictures of the parts you need and email them to us from our contact page.

Another option is to browse the images on the different pages linked to our Dock Leveler Parts index page.


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