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Posted January 22nd, 2022 at 11:45 am by Dan Musick

DDM Garage Doors is an excellent company, not because we pursue excellence, but because we pursue God and His infinite perfection. Because we value God above everything, we value others: employees, customers, suppliers. God has entrusted the stewardship of this business to us in all of our imperfections to demonstrate His presence in the business as we daily draw on His power to shape us into His image.

We need customer support to help us fulfill our mission, to help customers find, order, and safely install garage door and dock components. We do this by posting information on our site and responding to incoming communications. The average training period is six months to one year.


  • Core Values: Agreement with and support of our Christian and Biblical values is an absolute must.
  • Mechanical Ability: A basic interest in and understanding of how things work.
  • Humility: Able to ask questions, willing to learn all the ins and outs of our exciting industry.
  • Computer Skills: Mastery of computer & smart phone. Skilled with Word, Excel, Notepad++. Efficient computer desktop.
  • Internet Savvy: Email, Slack, Azure, searches, texting, social media.
  • Multitasking: Able to select among the most efficient and effective support tools while interfacing with office, customers, suppliers and warehouse.
  • Detailed: Details are everything; everything else is commentary.
  • Organized: Maintain immediate access to hundreds of files, customers, tools, and sites with minimum number of clicks.
  • Visualization: The unique ability to see through the customers’ eyes.
  • Logical thinking: The ability to see and process reality without being distracted by irrelevant data.
  • Basic Business Understanding: Businesses exist to make a profit by selling products above costs and by every employee earning for the company more than the company pays them.
  • Math: Able to balance monthly bank statements; able to accurately process and calculate quotes.
  • English: Able to talk and write with the corrrect English. Demonstrate a willingness to improve.
  • Responsible and Mature: Owning mistakes without excuse and growing in the process.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Honest: Your word is your bond.
  • Communication: Effective and efficient use of words. Loves talking to people.
  • Patience: The ability to respectfully understand and help unhappy customers.
  • Office or Home: Ability to work at our office or at home as we adjust to rapidly changing COVID protocols.

Job Description

  • Answer customers’ phone, email, social media questions.
  • Direct customers to the most efficient and helpful resource for getting what they want.
  • Interface with office, warehouse, sales staff suppliers to most efficiently and accurately help the customers.
  • Lead the customer into making decisions. “Here’s what I would recommend.”
  • Take and process orders.
  • Maintain communications.
  • Use a calendar or a reliable system for follow-up
  • Work as a team member. Ask for help and offer help when needed.

Starting Income

For qualified reps, the starting income is $21.00 per hour. You can also view our hiring page for customer service reps on LinkedIn.

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