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Posted November 8th, 2021 at 12:53 pm by Dan Musick

The old Allister and Allstar openers use two black sprockets. The one above the motorhead moves to activate the limit switches as the limit dogs reach their shut-off points.

Allstar Model 6500 Garage Door Opener

The one above the garage door acts as an idler. Raynor used similar black sprockets just for idlers above the door.

Allister Black Idler Sprocket Pictured Above the Garage Door

Over the years the chains stretch and loosen. As a result, the pitch of the chain breaks the teeth on the sprocket. To prevent this problem, Allstar stopped producing the black sprockets and replaced them with black pulleys.

Allstar Black Idler Pulley at the End of the Opener Rail Above the Garage Door

In 2021 Allstar quit selling parts for their openers, and now we carry a white idler pulley that has a similar shape as the black pulley. The outside diameter is 2 1/2 inches and the bolt hole for securing the pulley to the end bracket is 1/2 inch. These pulleys don’t break when the chain loosens.

Replacement Idler Pulley for Allister and Raynor Sprockets

If the sprocket above the door breaks, you can replace the black sprocket with the pulley. If the sprocket above the motorhead breaks, you will need to get a new opener. Those sprockets are no longer available.

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