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If you have a garage door made by Clopay Building Products Company, Ideal Door Company, or Holmes Garage Door Company, you may be able to use the model number, PID number, or serial number to determine the door weight so you can select the proper replacement springs. Finding the label that contains these numbers may save time and energy that you would otherwise spend measuring the springs or weighing the door. However, these labels can be difficult to find. Here are some helpful tips.

A garage door has three dimensions: width, height, and thickness. Normally, you can find the model number on a sticker on the thinnest part at one end of each section. This means at the factory or distribution center the stacked doors can be easily identified.

Clopay garage door sections stacked in a warehouse.

If the installer happened to leave behind the wrapping materials or the door installation guide, you may be able to find your door model there.

Clopay garage door section in a box with the model number 4053 circled in red.

Clopay Doors

Most Clopay doors have labels placed on the inside of the door, usually at the left end of the bottom or first intermediate section. Sometimes the sticker is at the right end of the door. On this label, you will find the door serial number. Usually, the model number of the door is part of the serial number, but on newer doors, it is part of a separate PID number. That is the case with this Model 4050 below.

A warning sticker on a garage door with the model number 4050 circled in red.

For more detailed information about what a Clopay serial number means, our blog post about Clopay Door Identification contains two pdf files about decoding serial numbers.

Clopay began using this white sticker with the orange warning label in 2003, and the company still uses it. The serial number, designated as “S/N,” usually has 12 numbers with an additional letter. The PID number has 17 letters, and includes both the model number and the door size. Here, the number is “8000800,” designating a door that is eight feet wide and eight feet high.

The yellow sticker shown below was used from about 1998 to 2003. The serial numbers during those years contained 16-18 digits. The model numbers are usually located in the middle of the serial number as you see here in this model 4050.

A yellow Clopay sticker showing the model number 4050.

Before 1997 Clopay used blue stickers on their doors with 15-16 digits in the serial number as you see in this model 1000.

A blue Clopay sticker showing the model number 1000.

Over the years, Clopay has used a number of other stickers, such as this white label stuck to the top of an intermediate section.

It is possible to find identifying labels on flag brackets which support the vertical and horizontal tracks.

An image of a Clopay label pasted vertically on a flag bracket.

Ideal Doors

Ideal has used a variety of stickers over the years. As with most manufacturers, Ideal sticks labels to one end of each section. That is what we see here on this partly opened S/R 4RST door. If you are unable to open the door, look behind the lower vertical track with a flashlight on both sides of the door to find this label. It will list a 3-6 digit standalone model number.

An ID sticker on the side of an Ideal garage door.

Ideal also uses labels mounted on the inside face of the sections. It is similar to what is found on Clopay doors, as you can see on this model R6R4 garage door.

An Ideal door sticker showing the model number R6R4 located as part of the serial number.

Many of the Ideal doors have long serial numbers just as Clopay has. Below you can see the model number RDP38 embedded in the serial number.

A yellow Ideal sticker showing the model number RDP38.

Newer Ideal doors have the longer serial numbers and PID numbers, as is visible on this model SRP-38 door. As with the Clopay doors, the serial number, designated as “S/N,” usually has 12 numbers with an additional letter. The PID number has 17 letters; it includes both the model number and the door size. For instance, here “160007,” designates a door that is 16′ feet wide and eight feet high.

A warning sticker representing a model number of SRP-38.

Holmes Doors

Similar to Ideal Door, Holmes labels list a standalone model number. And like Ideal or Clopay, a Holmes label may be stuck to the flag bracket. You can also find them on one side of the reinforcing strut if there is one.

An image of stickers circled in red on a flag bracket and reinforced strut.

IMPORTANT: If you live in Florida or along the coast, you may have a wind-rated door, as you see above. The “W6” after the model 42 designates a wind code rating of six. Clopay, Ideal, and Holmes all use similar wind code designations, but their part numbers will be different.

Making Sense of a Long Part Number

If you find a long part number, if there is no PID number, and if you can’t identify the model number, use the middle of the part number to check one of our pages where we offer springs by model, manufacturer and serial number. On our Standard Torsion Springs page, for example, click “Model Number” and then select the manufacturer. After that, click the drop-down menu and find your model number in the list.

A screenshot of the "Find My Spring Database" on our website

The model numbers in the list above have between two and four digits. Look for these digits in the middle of the long part number on your garage door. On rare exceptions, you will not be able to find the number on our list, usually because some models were in production for only a short time. If you need help, please contact us.

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  1. Wilda Rivera Says:


    Can you please advise if this garage door is a wind approved door, SN 082197000948315?

    Please advise. Thank you!

  2. Johnie Le Hunte Says:

    Hi admin, Thanks for the well-researched and well-written post!

  3. Dan Musick Says:

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    It doesn’t appear to be, but I suggest you contact Clopay to confirm.
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  5. Alok Benjwal Says:

    Need one replacement panel 18 x 21 for a CLOPLAY SERIAL NO 0100430182224271 door

  6. Caleb Penney Says:

    Alok, thank you for reaching out to us about replacing your door panel. What is the model number of the Clopay door section you are looking to replace? What is the color and which section is it (top, middle, or bottom)?
    I also want to let you know that we are not able to ship door sections, so we can only provide them for local pick up in the Chicagoland area. Are you able to pick up from us locally?


    R4R1 top and center rails need replacement parts 16ft x7ft door


    Just need top rail and center rail for R4R1
    And if you have replacement panels? I need 4
    How much? Thanks

  9. Caleb Penney Says:

    Hello Steven! Are you looking for the tracks for your door? You can find those through this link: Feel free to reply to my email to you with photos as well.
    We are able to provide replacement door sections, but only for local pick up in the Chicagoland area. Are you able to pick up from us?

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