Vertical Lift a Good Alternative to High Lift Garage Door?

Posted October 13th, 2011 at 9:27 am by Jim

High lift or vertical lift?  The answer is up to you.

I receive numerous calls every week from customers who want to raise the lift of their garage doors.  Here are some considerations:

You may want a vertical lift system if your garage has at least the door’s height plus 18″ of room above your door’s original height AND…

a. You don’t mind changing to a shaft-mounted opener.

b. You want to lift high-profile vehicles to head height or greater using a floor jack

c. You have high shelves of items nearby in a garage or warehouse

d. You want a high lift greater than  54″, and find cost savings on your kit over a commercial high lift (call us to price the kit and springs).

e. You simply want the track system completely out of the way in your garage area.

Best candidates for a regular high lift are those who

a. Have shorter, often residential garage ceilings

b. Don’t mind having a shaft-mounted opener

c. Need the track system out of the way for lower car jack systems

d. Want to save money over a vertical lift system

e. Dislike having serviceable parts very high in the garage

Whatever you choose, give me a call at 1-800-383-9548 to discuss your garage door lift situation, and we can work it out for you.

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