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Custom garage door high lift conversion kit
Custom garage door high-lift kits put space between the top of the vertical track and the bottom of the horizontal track.
Please note: If you have already raised your garage door tracks, or if you raised the tracks and your door doesn't work properly, please contact us. Filling out the inquiry form will not be necessary as we process these with different software.

The following form will walk you through the measurements and other information that is needed in order for us to quote a high lift conversion kit for your garage door. High lift kits increase the vertical rise of the garage door so that the door reaches the horizontal track closer to the ceiling than with a standard lift garage door. This form will follow the first two sections of our High Lift Garage Door Conversion tutorial.

Custom High-Lift Kit Includes:
  • New torsion spring or springs (longer life options usually available)
  • High-lift angle and bracket pairs
  • Pair of custom-length cables
  • High-lift cable drum pair
  • Angle extension piece
  • All of the necessary fasteners
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The kits do not include the track extensions nor assembly unless you special-order them as an option on the third page ahead where we ask if you want to reuse your horizontal track. Typically, entire new track is not required, but if you are interested in replacing your entire vertical or horizontal tracks, you can browse the parts on our tracks page. Please specify special requirements in the comment section.
The purpose of high lift garage doors in residential settings is typically to allow a lift to be installed in the garage door that raises one car high enough off of the ground to allow for a second car to be parked under the first. Installation of high lift kits should only be performed by experienced do-it-yourselfers as it is a long process that is very dangerous.

Under most circumstances, you will be quoted prices for your custom high lift kit before submitting this form. If a spring pair cannot be immediately found or if your kit requires special calculations, the price of your kit will not be given as we will contact you shortly regarding the cost of your kit after performing further calculations.

If your ceiling height allows for more than 54 inches of high lift, you will have the option to convert over to commercial hardware for your high lift kit. If your ceiling height is at least twice your door height, you will have the opportunity to receive a quote for a vertical lift conversion kit.

We can also quote roof-line high-lift kits through this form, but if you want your door to open at more than 45 degrees from parallel to the garage floor, please contact us as your kit will need to be calculated manually.

Customers often have a number of questions when they consider a high lift conversion. Before filling out the inquiry below, we suggest you read our blog on High Lift Kit FAQs.

Please note: High lift orders are normally processed and shipped within a week if all of the information in the inquiry form is accurate. Unfortunately, only 10-15% of the inquiries submitted have accurate and complete information. As a result, 85-90% of the inquiries submitted will require weeks and possibly months to process. Reasons for delays include incomplete information, guesses at door weights, and failures to follow measurements related to the tracks, floor and ceiling. Inquiries are also being delayed because of inaccurate spring measurements. Please let us know if your spring lengths are the wound or unwound lengths, and we will adjust the door weight as needed. If you have questions about some of the information required, please contact us before filling out the inquiry. This will accelerate processing from inquiry to shipping of your high lift conversion kit.

Please bear in mind that once we have all the information, processing your order will normally require a few days. The popularity of the high lift kits and the loyalty of our customers have required us to move employees around to support increased sales.

NOTE: The kit does not include tracks nor assembly unless you select them on the third page ahead. Most of our customers cut off the inside portions of their horizontal tracks to use for their vertical track extensions.

1: Door Info

2: Measurements

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5: Prices

6: Completed

Current Spring/Door System:
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Door Width:
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