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Posted November 9th, 2018 at 6:19 pm by Dan Musick

Why Upgrade?

End hinges on new garage doors often break prematurely because the hinges are thinner and narrower.

Image of a broken 18 gauge hinge on a garage door.

We often recommend that customers with larger, heavier doors upgrade to the heavier 14 gauge end hinges when possible. Here is a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

While 18 gauge end hinges are less expensive, the steel is not as thick as the 14 gauge end hinges. Additionally, they run the risk of bending or snapping with repetitive garage door movement – especially on heavier garage doors.

The heavier 14 or 11 gauge end hinges are sturdier and tend to last longer. However, we have found compatibility issues with the heavier end hinges because of the width.

Width Differences in End Hinges

The 18 gauge end hinges are two inches wide. Notice that the center holes are aligned with the 2 1/2″ mark. In addition, the center of the wheel is at the half-inch mark.

A view of a 2-inch garage door hinge.
Dimensions of an 18 gauge hinge

In contrast to this, notice below that on the wider 14 gauge end hinge, on the same mark, the roller wheel protrudes out about a half inch further to the zero line.

A picture of a 3-inch garage door hinge.
Dimensions of a 14 gauge hinge

If your garage door setup is made for a thinner hinge, this can cause problems. A garage door converted to the heavier, wider end hinges can bind when it is opening.

There is a fix for this: moving your tracks, flag brackets, end bearings, and cable drums out a half inch on each side. This can quickly turn into a big, time-consuming project.

By comparing the benefits and drawbacks of thinner, narrower versus thicker, wider end hinges you can decide which works better for your garage door. To learn how to change out garage door hinges, you can watch our YouTube video titled “Garage Door Roller Hinge Replacement Tutorial.”

If you are using obsolete hinge models, such as the old Taylor hinges or Overhead door hinges, it can be a good idea to switch them out for a new model.

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