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Posted February 22nd, 2016 at 9:59 am by Dan Musick

What is a left-hand spring or a right-hand spring?

In the door business, it could mean one of two things.

It could mean the wind of the spring, which would be a left wind spring. A spring wound the opposite direction would be a right wind spring. Doors with two standard torsion springs normally have one left wind and one right wind spring.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Wind

The designation “left hand” could also refer to the location of the spring on the shaft in relation to the center support bracket.

The phrases “left-hand spring ” and “right-hand spring” are not specific designations. It is essential that you clarify the meaning of your terms when ordering just one spring.

Spring on left side of bracket - Right Wind

If by “left hand,” you mean the spring mounts to the left of the center support bracket, as in the picture above, then you would need to order a right wind spring.

If by “left hand,” you mean the wind of the spring, then you need to order a left wind spring. Left-wind springs are normally wound to the right of the center support bracket, as pictured below.

Spring on right side of bracket - Left Wind

On standard systems, the next component beyond the winding cone is the cable drum. Beyond that is the end bearing plate.


Outside Lift Systems

On an outside lift systems with double horizontal tracks, the cable drum mounts outside the end bearing plate, as pictured below.


On an outside lift, double-track systems, the cable usually comes off the side of the drum facing the inside of the garage. This differs from the standard system where the cable comes off the side of the drum facing the jamb. If you have an outside lift system, and if the cables come off the drums as they do above. Then you would mount the left-wound spring to the left of the center support bracket and the right-wound spring to the right of the bracket. You will also wind each spring down rather than up.

If you have only one torsion spring on a door, and you accidentally ordered a spring with the incorrect wind, then there is a simple solution. Rather than reordering a new spring with the correct wind, simply remove the spring. Then, install it on the other side of the center support bracket. In some cases, you may need to relocate the spring anchor bracket to make room for the spring to fit.

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