How to Install Omron E3JM Photo Eyes on Powermaster Operators

Posted January 29th, 2016 at 2:12 pm by Dan Musick

The most challenging part of installing the Omron E3JM Photo Eyes on older PowerMaster operators is knowing how to run the wires. This image should help.  Additional instructions for running the wires are on our blog titled, “Omron Photo Eye Installation.”


It simplifies the most difficult part of installing the eyes, determining where to connect the wires.

In 1992 the federal government passed laws requiring all manufacturers of residential openers to include eyes with their openers. In order to close the door with radio controls or by momentarily pressing the wall button, the opener must have functioning safety eyes. If the eyes fail, or if they are disconnected, the door can be closed only by pressing and holding down the wall button.

In 2010 similar laws were passed for manufacturers of commercial and industrial operators. These have to be designed in such a way that, in order to close the door with momentary contact or with radio controls, safety eyes must be installed on the operator. If functioning eyes are not installed, the door can be closed only by pressing and holding the close button. For added safety, many establishments prefer to close doors in this manner. If they want to use radio controls, or if they want to press the close button and walk away, however, safety eyes must be wired to the operator.

Operators installed prior to 2010 have caused numerous door accidents and injuries because they were installed without safety eyes. The owners, managers, and supervisors of factories, distribution centers, car dealerships, and other facilities are now having their maintenance personnel and contractors install photo eyes to protect their doors, equipment, and most importantly, their people.

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