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Posted June 9th, 2017 at 6:02 pm by Dan Musick

When my three kids were young, I was struggling with ordering my life of family, business, church work, and leisure time. I approached a fellow church member, Bill Pollard, for advice. He had successfully grown Service Master. I asked how to establish priorities. He replied, “You know, Dan, in the original English, the word ‘priority‘ occurred only in the singular.” Christ first, and that one priority orders everything else. This is what a faithful stewardship is.

He also made a statement that has been an integral part of building this business. “I don’t own my business, my family, or anything else. God owns it all. I am just a steward of all He’s entrusted to me.”

Learning Faithful Stewardship

Learning to operate as a faithful steward requires a lifetime. It follows a totally different goal setting and planning.

Stewardship opens the door to incredible opportunities. Most businesses operate based on untempered, myopic greed. In addition, even well-established core values and five, ten, and lifetime goals can blind one to greater missed opportunities.

Stewardship demands evaluating and seizing the daily opportunities that cross our paths. Some of these opportunities will create instant results, while others will be left for the next generation. Whereas, leaving opportunities for others is good stewardship.

Good Stewardship

Good stewardship also recognizes God’s perspective on our lives. American society devalues age; God sees the treasures of the experience he has provided and expects stewardship of these life experiences. For example, the brawny 20 something year old who can build a house by himself. He later learns to hire others to build many more houses than he could build by himself. That’s stewardship.

Tragically, in America, we’ve lost the value of our aging population, the rich wells from which great treasures can be drawn. This devaluation has also become part of the psyche of the American workforce. In addition, this defective perspective impacts hiring decisions, and it hurts the self image of our aging population. “Who would hire someone in their 50’s with 35 years of experience?” I’m sure I’ve heard this from at least 100 men.

The truth is that as we gain knowledge and experience. In addition, we always have more, and we become more, no matter the age. Wisdom and faithful stewardship take responsibility for multiplying all that God has entrusted to us. May we all “succeed” in being found faithful.

Stewardship is one of DDM Garage Doors core values, to find out more, please visit our blog post titled, Who We Are?

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