Garage Door Torsion Spring Safe-T-Winder - With case and stretcher.

$1,495.00 each

Product Description

Garage Door Torsion Spring Safe-T-Winder™ with Torsion Spring Stretcher and Carrying Case.
  • Winds all of the springs simultaneously by turning the end of the torsion shaft.
  • Heavy Duty. Rated for doors up to 1,500 pounds with 5 1/4" drums. Exceeds 2400 pounds in static test.
  • Only one winder needed for residential, commercial and industrial doors.
  • End winding design allows for opening doors with broken springs.
  • Winds springs with a drill and 7/16 inch deep well socket.
  • Protects shoulders from wear & tear.
  • Helps preserve profitable carreers.
  • Reduces insurance costs.
  • Easy to use. Not rocket science.
  • No heavy lifting while winding the springs. Just secure the winder to the shaft and start drilling.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy safety checks.
  • It will not bend the middle of the shaft.
  • Safe in the event a spring breaks. Upper bracket prevents winder from flipping.
  • Springs can be wound in quarter turns.
  • Competively priced.
  • Fits within 2 1/2 inches from shaft to ceiling by removing upper part of the winder.
  • All one piece. No critical parts to lose.
  • Backed by DDM quality standards.
  • For more information on this part, view our Garage Door Torsion Spring Safe-T-Winder™ blog.
  • Please note. Quantities are limited. Please contact us for current availability.

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