Clopay EZ-Set Garage Door Parts

Clopay has two EZ Set systems. One is for torsion springs and the other is for extension springs. This page has only the parts for the EZ Set Systems. If you have the normal springs you can buy them at our Standard Torsion Springs for Clopay Garage Doors page. If you need additional hardware you can find it on our Clopay Garage Door Parts page.

Clopay EZ-Set Torsion Spring Parts

Clopay's EZ-Set torsion spring system, which was designed by Ideal Door, uses unique parts. Pictured below is the layout of these garage door parts in a single-spring system.

Garage door parts for Clopay and Ideal EZ-Set torsion spring systems
A: Shaft Retainer (EZ-SRTNR). Secures the shaft to the end bracket.
B: Cable Drums (EZ-DRM-P).
C: End Brackets (EZ-EBP).
D: Left Spring Winder (EZ-WND-L). Also available with heavy-duty Freeway bearing (EZ-WND-LF).
E: Shaft Coupler (EZ-SHCO). Optional: Used with doors having a split shaft.
F: Center Support Bracket (EZ-CBRK). Optional: On double-car garage doors.
G: End Support Bearing (EZ-STNS). Also available with heavy-duty Freeway bearing (EZ-STNF). Garage doors with two torsion springs will instead have a right-side winder (EZ-WND-R), which can also be ordered with a heavy-duty Freeway bearing (EZ-WND-RF).
Not pictured: Winder Cone (EZ-WDCN). This part fits the end of the spring into the winder.

Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring Parts

Stretching unit for Clopay EZ-Set Extension Spring systems

Clopay also has an EZ-Set extension spring system. Like the torsion spring system, the EZ-Set extension spring system has its own line of hardware. Rather than winding the springs with a drill, the EZ-Set extension spring winder stretches the extension spring with a drill. This can be done with the garage door closed, which minimizes the risk of property damage and personal injury that comes when trying to lift the door with a broken spring.

The special extension spring streching mechanism, pictured on the right, secures to the track near the fixed pulley at the front of the door. A cable in the stretching unit runs through a pulley attached to the extension spring and travels back to the pully near the stretching unit. It then runs down to the bottom fixture on the garage door. When the stretching unit shortens the cable, it stretches the extension spring, which in turn decreases the weight of the garage door. With both springs stretched the proper length, your garage door should be balanced.

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