Torsion Springs for EZ-Set Systems

EZ-Set Garage Door Torsion Springs

We currently have two pages with springs for EZ Set torsion assemblies. At the bottom of this informative page you can order a spring or springs for a garage door if you know the model number and if your door is 16' wide and 7' high. If your door is a different size, you can order by Clopay's part number or color code system on our page that lists the Standard Torsion Springs for Clopay Garage Doors.

If your garage door has a broken EZ Set spring, you can restore your door to its previous working order by replacing with like parts. This is usually simpler and safer. You'll find helpful instructions on our Ez-Set Torsion Spring Replacement page.

Another option is to convert to the Standard Torsion Spring system. Instructions for doing this are on our Double EZ-Set Torsion Spring Conversion tutorial.

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EZ-Set Springs & Options:

Determining What EZ-Set Torsion Springs You Need:

Introduction to EZ-Set Torsion Springs

The EZ-Set Torsion Spring System was first developed by the Ideal Door Company in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Ideal Door was later purchased by Clopay Door. The EZ-Set System is now sold under both the Ideal Door name and the Clopay Door name. Holmes also sells doors with the EZ Set torsion springs.

The EZ-Set Torsion Spring System allows homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers to change their own springs much more safely than if they had the standard torsion spring system. Instead of winding the springs with winding bars which, if the Do-It-Yourselfer does not already have, are frequently replaced with even more dangerous screwdrivers, this system uses a special winder that just requires the use of a drill.

EZ-Set torsion springs use a winding cone as a stationary cone.
EZ-Set torsion springs use a winding cone, like the one pictured here, as a stationary cone.
The EZ-Set Spring has a winder cone on the end which secures to the winder. The winder is held in place by the end bracket, so the torsion springs are on the ends of the door instead of in the middle. The other end of the torsion spring has a stationary cone which, in most cases, is called a winding cone. Standard torsion springs uses this cone to wind the spring and then secure it to the shaft by tightening the setscrews. EZ-Set torsion springs use this cone to secure the spring to the shaft before the spring is wound.

One unique characteristic of these springs is that they are manufactured with gaps between the coils. They are also installed with a spacer on the shaft inside the spring. This spacer keeps the torsion spring stretched to its necessary length. Standard torsion springs will not work on these doors. This is because the coils need to be gapped. If you stretch a standard spring to obtain the necessary gapping, the winding cone will pull out of the winder - if not when it is stretched, it will when the door is opened. EZ-Set springs are pre-gapped and held to the proper length so that the coils will not bind. As a result, each spring tends to appear more slinky-like than standard springs.

EZ-Set Springs & Options

You have several replacement options when you have EZ-Set springs. If you choose to stay with this system, you have two choices for springs. If the winder is broken, you have several more options. You can also choose to convert over to a standard torsion spring system.

Replace Your EZ-Set Springs with DDM Specially-Gapped springs.

This is the most economical way to fix your door. We suggest that you reuse the cones on your existing springs and the spacer inside. The most common spring, the 42" - 1-3/4" ID - .234 sells for about $50 plus shipping and handling. Or, if you prefer, for an extra $20 you can purchase these springs assembled with the cones and spacer. Instructions for Replacing EZ-Set Torsion Springs and for reusing your cones and spacer are also available to help you with the project.

EZ-Set springs are very slinkey
EZ-Set springs are specially gapped in the factory, so they tend to be much more flexible than standard torsion springs.
Our specially gapped springs have the same properties so they can work with your EZ-Set system. Most standard torsion springs are not OEM springs because they can come from various manufacturers and function the same as the original spring. Our specially-gapped springs are not manufactured by Clopay or Ideal, but they are suitable replacements. And depending on inventory levels we can often provide longer life gapped springs for your EZ-Set system.

If you buy longer life springs from us without the inner spacer, the spacer from your old spring will be shorter than would typically be used with your new spring. This spacer can be discarded as long as you remember to properly set the length of the spring to provide adequate space to accommodate the addition of 11 coils on seven foot high doors and 13 coils on eight foot high doors.

Convert to Standard Torsion Springs

Some people decide that they would rather convert over to a standard torsion spring system. This can be done by installing a spring anchor bracket next to the winder and securing a standard torsion spring with standard cones to it. If you have two EZ-Set springs on your door and you have a split shaft and coupler, you can purchase two spring anchor brackets and install them on both sides of the coupler. If you do not have a split shaft, you only need one spring anchor bracket.

Necessary hardware to convert from Clopay's EZ-Set hardware to the standard torsion spring system
The necessary hardware to make the conversion.
If you decide to convert all of your hardware to a standard system, you will need to purchase several parts: 1 Spring Anchor Bracket, 1 pair of End Bearing Plates, and a pair of 4" Cable Drums. You may be better off purchasing the kits for the end bearing plates and the spring anchor bracket as they include the necessary fasteners. Our Double EZ-Set Conversion tutorial will assist you in converting your hardware.

Typically, the professionals would install a one-piece shaft if you have a two-piece shaft and coupler. Since these shafts are expensive to ship, it may not be readily available. The two-piece shaft, however, will suffice for the standard system.

Winder Options

Directions to remove the winder cone from the winder unit on Clopay EZ-Set Springs.
Our EZ-Set Torsion Spring Replacement tutorial shows how to remove the winder unit from the winder cone using a trick with two quarters.
If you found the winder cone no longer inside of the winder when the spring broke, the winder is broken. Sometimes the spring will work okay even after the tabs break off of the winder, but we cannot guarantee that yours will.

If you have a second spring on your door, unwind it from the winder unit using a drill with a socket extension. Once all the springs are unwound (the broken spring is already unwound), remove the cones from the EZ-Set springs. For instructions on doing this, see our EZ-Set Torsion Spring Replacement tutorial. Steps 10-14 show how to remove the stationary cone, and steps 27-37 show how to remove the winder and the winder cone. If your winder unit is not broken and the tabs are still in tact, you can reuse your winder.

If the tabs of the winder are broken, you have several options. You can buy a new winder, which will cost about $25. If you need two winders, it will be about $50. Another option is to secure the winder cone to the winder unit with JB Weld from your local auto parts store.

You may be able to reuse the winder if it is broken. When you tighten the setscrews on the stationary cone, make sure that the spacer is tight against the two cones. Also, the cable drums must be tight against the bearings. There is no guarantee that this will work, but it could save you $25 if it keeps you from needing a new winder.

Another option is to drill through the winder and insert 1/4" X 1" screws into the ears of the winder cone. This will not allow you to use the winder to wind the spring, but you can use bars instead. Instructions are in section 10 of our Torsion Spring Replacement tutorial. (Be sure to read the safety warnings in section 2!) I did this on a door about 2 years ago and it is still working.

Determining What EZ-Set Torsion Springs You Need

In order to replace your EZ-Set springs, you will need to make some careful measurements. This hold true for whatever type of spring you purchase: Clopay's EZ-Set springs, our specially-gapped springs, or standard torsion springs for a conversion project.

Disadvantages of Your Current Springs

When Clopay ships out their EZ-Set Torsion Springs, they want the door weight to be within 20 lbs of how much the springs will lift. This is quite a generous gap. We suggest that the lift of the springs you install on your door be within 10 lbs of the door weight. This will help your door balance and operate properly.

If you operated your garage door manually (without the opener) before the spring broke, was it easy to open? If the springs are well-matched with the door weight, it should have been easy to open the door. At the same time, the door should have stayed on the ground when it was closed. If this is the case, you can replace your old spring with a new spring with the same dimensions. (I have two springs: Should I replace them both?)

Make sure that you compress the coils of the Clopay EZ-Set spring.
Make sure that you compress the coils of the spring when you measure the wire size and the length.
To order the same spring, you will need to make some measurements. You will need to determine the wire size of the spring. EZ-Set springs are gapped; if you press the coils together and then release them,the coils will separate. A note card or a piece of paper will easily slide between two coils. In order to measure the spring you need to press the coils together so that there are no gaps when you measure 10 and 20 coils. Go to our How to Measure Torsion Springs instructions for more information.

You will also need to measure the compressed length of the spring. The easiest way to do this is to measure each section of spring separately. To do this press the coils from each end and measure the compressed length from the edge of the gap to the end of the wire. Add the two lengths together for the total spring length. For more information on measuring the length of your spring, see our How to Measure Torsion Springs instructions.

The last piece of information is the wind of the spring. If your spring is on the left side of the door, it is left wind; if it is on the right side, it is right wind. Garage doors with EZ-Set systems normally have only one spring on the left side. If there are two springs, there will be an additional spring on the right side. See our How to Measure Torsion Springs page for more information.

What to Measure

If your garage door never really worked properly and you want to improve the balance, you have two options. One is to determine the weight of the door. The other is to determine the model number and determine the weight from that.

Look for a label that has the serial number.
Many garage doors have a label on the bottom section that gives the serial number.
If you decide to find your door information, we need the following information: the manufacturer and model number and the door dimensions. If you have a 16 X 7 garage door without hurricane bracing, you can purchase replacement springs online.

Many of Clopay's doors have a sticker at the top left end of each section. Included on this sticker is the model number, such as the Model 1000, and the size, 1600 X 700, which is 16' wide by 7' high.

Open the door to view the model number on the side
Some model numbers are located on the side of the door.
Ideal Door usually fixes labels on the very end of each section at one end of the door. If the door is part way open, you can see the label below the curved portion of horizontal track or above the horizontal tracks. If the door is closed, look behind the vertical track with a flashlight on both sides of the door to find numbers such as S4RSF, M4RSF, S6RST, M6RST, SDP-38 or MDP-38.

Serial number on the bottom of a Clopay door
Clopay serial number and model number.
Most Clopay doors have a sticker at the left or right end of the door, usually on the second section from the bottom, but sometimes the sticker is just above one of the bottom fixtures. Here you will find the serial number, with the door model number embedded in the number. If the sticker also has a PID number, the model number will be embedded in that. To the right you can see a sticker for a Clopay model 4050 garage door. If you provide us with the serial number or PID number we will be happy to determine the model number for you.

Many doors with EZ-Set spring systems do not have stickers on them. If you are unable to find any of these numbers on your door, contact us by emailing us or by calling us at (800) 383-9548.

If you weigh the door yourself, we need the following information: the door weight, width, height, and the track radius.

Measure the distance from the bottom of the track joint to the bottom of the horizontal track.
Hold a level at the bottom of the vertical and horizontal track junction, and measure the distance from the bottom of the horizontal track to the top of the level.
The track radius, pictured on the left, is also discussed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The door weight is determined using an analog scale. See our How to Weigh a Garage Door instructions for accurate weighing instructions.

The manufacturer and model number are usually on a sticker located on the bottom section. Try looking between the edge of the door and the tracks. See the pictures and descriptions above for assistance in determining your door model number. Though we do not need this information if you have an accurate door weight, we can make sure that your weight matches the manufacturer's specifications.

In Florida, many doors have hurricane bracing and therefore have additional struts attached. The struts are silver metal bars that run across the width of the door that are about 2-1/4" or 3" off the inside face of the door. These doors are considered to have a wind code which can be determined from the model number.

How to Order

If you have the model number, and if you have a garage door that is 16 feet wide and 7 feet high, you can order from our shopping cart using the form below.

If your door is a different size, there are two options for ordering. One is to order springs for EZ-Set systems by part number if you can find this information in the paperwork accompanying the door when it was purchased. The other option is to contact us through the link below. We can usually determine the springs you need if you provide the door width and height. We also need the door weight or the model number. The model number can be determined from the serial number or the PID number if you have one.

The following explanations should help you understand the descriptions for your springs. The "#" sign follows a number that designates the door weight. The number marked by the "k" designates the cycle life rating in thousands of cycles. The industry standard is 10-15,000 cycles. These usually last six to 10 years. If your door is in good shape, and if you plan to live in your house more years than that, you will benefit from ordering longer life springs. The "LW" and "RW" designate the winds of the springs. Doors weighing 208 pounds or less get one left wind spring for the left side. On the 242 pound doors you will need two springs, a left wind spring for the left side, and a right wind spring for the right side. You can order the springs with cones and spacers or without cones and spacers. Directions for replacing your springs and for removing and reinstalling EZ Set cones are at our Single Ez-Set Torsion Spring Replacement page.

Note: Doors in Florida are often heavier because of extra reinforcements to satisfy wind load requirements. The springs below probably will not work on your door. If your door is wind rated, the model number in the serial number will usually be followed by the letter "W" and a number, which is the wind rating. If you wish to order parts for a garage door in Florida, please contact us.

The program above currently works only for 16' X 7' doors. If your door is a different size, you can order springs for EZ Set systems by color designation or spring part number..

If you send us your door information, please provide the following:

  1. Model Number
  2. Door dimensions
  3. Track radius
  4. Number of struts & height from the door
If you weighed the door, please provide the following:
  1. Door weight
  2. Door dimensions
  3. Track radius

The more information that you give us, the smaller the chance for mistakes. For more information, see our How to Order page.