Residential Garage Door Prices

Listed below are prices for new residential garage doors that DIY customers pick up at our shop in West Chicago, IL. Call 800-383-9548 for current prices for the door models below, or for larger commercial and industrial sectional or rolling doors.

Most customers pick up their doors, but shipping is available. In the Chicago area it usually costs between $50 and $150 depending on door size and location.

Since crating and shipping of garage doors to other parts of the country can cost over $500, we recommend checking with a local Lowes, Menards or Home Depot for a new garage door if you are outside the Chicago area.

We also ship to countries outside the United States, but we recommend that you arrange the shipping from your end.

Included in the prices below are new sections,tracks, springs, heavy-duty hardware and vinyl stops around the perimeter of the door. You will need to add taxes to the door prices; the current tax rate in our area is 7 3/4 per cent.

Prices are subject to change.

Type of DoorR-Value8' x 7'
8 x 6'6
8' x 8'
8 x 7'6
9' x 7'
9 x 6'6
9' x 8'
9 x 7'6
16' x 7'
16 x 6'6
16' x 8'
16 x 7'6
18' x 7'
18 x 6'6
18' x 8'
18 x 7'6
CHI 2240 24 ga. Hollow N/A$380.00$450.00$390.00$464.00$652.00$750.00$802.00$922.00
CHI 2250 25 ga. Hollow N/A$355.00$425.00$365.00$440.00$600.00$700.00$752.00$872.00
CHI 2251 25 ga. w/ 1 3/8" Insulation 6.85$425.00$510.00$433.00$513.00$706.00$811.00$861.00$890.00
CHI 2283 Insulated Sandwich 8.07$460.00$545.00$475.00$600.00$791.00$910.00$994.00$1,143.00
CHI 2216 Insulated Sandwich 17.19$714.00$860.00$734.00$880.00$1,268.00$1,545.00$1,502.00$1,834.00
Clopay 4050 Insulated Sandwich 1 3/8" 6.5$460.00$550.00$470.00$556.00$791.00$910.00$994.00$1,143.00
Clopay 4300 Insulated Sandwich 2" 9$535.00$620.00$550.00$635.00$941.00$1,060.00$1,144.00$1,293.00
Wayne Dalton 8300 Insulated Sandwich 1 3/8" 11$490.00$575.00$500.00$590.00$851.00$970.00$1,054.00$1,203.00
Raynor Relente Insulated Sandwich 13.08$670.00$815.00$690.00$885.00$1,278.00$1,555.00$1,512.00$1,844.00
Prices Subject to Change

Prices above are for the most common doors sold. Additional models and options can be viewed at the manufacturers' web sites. All of the doors are steel.

There are three types of steel doors: hollow or non-insulated, insulated with vinyl backs, and insulated sandwich doors with steel on both sides. The CHI 2283 & 4216, the Clopay 4050 & 4300, the Wayne Dalton 8300, and the Raynor Relente have steel on both sides. The reasons for price variations include overall quality, R-value, spring life, and warranty provisions.

Factors to weigh in considering which door to buy include: cost, R-value, structural integrity, safety, and aesthetics. Non-insulated detached garages do well with hollow steel doors, or insulated to resist impact of basket balls and other objects. Insulated and attached garages do well with the Clopay 4050 or the CHI 2283. Mechanically we prefer the CHI, but aesthetically, for doors on the front of the house, we would recommend the Clopay 4050. If there is at least one room above your garage, we would recommend the higher R-value door such as the CHI 2216 or the Raynor Relente. The Relente is also safer because it is designed to minimize the risk of fingers being pinched between the sections.

Manufacturer warranties cover parts only, usually on sections only, from one year to lifetime. More information about these doors can be obtained by visiting their web sites linked above.