Torsion Spring Conversion Kit for 7' High Door

$90.19 per kit

Product Description

Garage Door Kit for converting from extension springs, EZ Set springs, or TorqueMaster to standard torsion on a 7' garage door.
7' Kit includes:
1 pair CABA-86T cables for 7' doors. 1 pair DR-400-08 cable drums. 1 pair EBP-338KF end bearing plates and fasteners. 1 single SAB-450K center support bearing & plate and fasteners. You will also need a hollow 14 or 15 gauge steel tube with 1" outside diameter (O.D.) at least six inches longer than your door width. We sell these shafts, but the longest we can ship by UPS is 8'9" long. For a garage door that is over 8' wide, we can ship two shafts with an extra spring anchor bracket kit and a coupler in the middle. You will not need this coupler if you are converting from a Clopay EZ Set System. If you do need a one piece shaft longer than 8'9", we suggest looking for one at a local steel supply store. Sometimes a Lowes, Menards or Home Depot will have one or they can order one for you.
You will also need a torsion spring or springs with cones installed. If you know the door size and model number you can probably enter the information here. Click the "Model Number" tab (scroll down to bottom right). Otherwise, you can weigh your door (video instructions here) and click the “Find by Door Weight” tab (scroll to the bottom). On Double wide doors we recommend two springs (Note: If you order two springs, each spring needs to lift half the door weight).
If you are installing only one spring, you'll find our DIY Instructions on How to Install a Single Torsion Spring Assembly helpful.
If you are installing two springs, the Double EZ-Set Torsion Spring Conversion instructions will help. If you do not have an EZ-Set system, you can begin at step 29, skip steps 34 through 45, and proceed to the end.
IMPORTANT: Due to supply chain shortages we currently do not offer quantity discounts, and for some of our products we are limiting the quantities that may be purchased.

Quantity Discounts

2+: $90.19 per kit
4+: $90.19 per kit
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