LiftMaster LC-36A Ancillary 36" Light Curtain *** Obsolete ***

$NLA each

Product Description

***No longer available*** Garage Door LiftMaster Ancillary 36" Light Curtain. Each light curtain provides up to 33 ft. of protection range and a minimum of 36 in. of height coverage.
Eight LEDs per side and 22 cross-beams produce an invisible curtain of infrared light for maximum detection capability. Easy alignment with visible LEDs to indicate correct sensor alignment and interrupt detection.

Note: External power supply 100MAPS (sold separately), is required for use with Liftmaster Medium-Duty Operators. Available as an extra power source for use with LiftMaster Logic 3, 4, and 5.0 Operators. Optional Accessories: 100MAPS is an external power supply that has enough power to operate two LC-36A Light Curtains. 20-2LM : 2-Stranded Bell Wire, 500 ft., 22 AWG, White and Red/White Wire. 21-2LM: 2-Stranded Bell Wire, 500 ft., 22 AWG, White and Black/White Wire. 65-7WIREL: 7 Conductor Cable, 500 ft., 20 AWG, 7-Wire Spool.
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