LiftMaster CPS-RPEN4 Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye Kit

$517.36 per kit

Product Description

LiftMaster CPS-RPEN4 Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye for Commercial Door Applications
  • The first monitored UL 325-compliant retro-reflective photo eye.
  • Built-in polarized beam technology sends and receives beam through two polarized filters to avoid interference from shiny objects.
  • Powerful enough to detect obstructions and communicate with the reflector up to 50 ft.
  • away in most commercial door applications.
  • Requires power only on 1 side of the installation; reduces overall installation time by an average of 30%.
  • Adjustable photo eye assembly provides additional flexibility in installation alignment.
  • Armored power cable connects easily to the LiftMaster® 3-Button station for power.
  • LiftMaster model 65-7WIREL, Seven Conductor is an ideal complement to this photo eye.
  • NEMA4 waterproof enclosure.
  • Compatible with the following commercial door operators: Logic 4, Medium Duty, FDC, FDCL, FDOA, and FDOB.

  • IMPORTANT: Due to supply chain shortages we currently do not offer quantity discounts, and for some of our products we are limiting the quantities that may be purchased.

Quantity Discounts

2+: $517.36 per kit
4+: $517.36 per kit
8+: $517.36 per kit



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