Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

DDM Garage Doors no longer installs or repairs doors in the Chicago area, but we will help you find a local company. In 2015 we sold that part of the business.

Below you will find the names of recommended companies that might be able to serve you. If you can not find a company near you, please call or email us, or click the red "Contact us" button below. We are currently setting up a national database of honest and reliable companies to serve our customers better. If you know of a company in your area that you would recommend, please let us know.

Garage Door Installation & Repair Companies

Many of these companies also service dock equipment. They have welders, safety equipment, and the necessary tools to replace your pull chains, dock leveler springs, hold down units, and lip assist springs and shocks and just about anything else. Following are examples of the types of work qualified garage door companies across the United States can perform.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement:

Garage Door & Opener Repair:

Garage Door & Opener Replacement:

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Most door companies will replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on residential, commercial and industrial sectional overhead doors. Many will also replace springs on one-piece doors, steel rolling doors, and self-storage roll-up doors. Continuing to run your opener with a broken spring can cause even more expensive damage to your opener than just the springs. Get your door running safely and smoothly with new springs today!

Standard Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion spring replacement during repair of commercial door.
Broken torsion springs on commercial (pictured above), industrial and residential doors can be replaced.
Door companies replace standard torsion springs on residential garage doors, which typically have one or two springs, as well as torsion springs on commercial and industrial overhead doors with several springs in a linear layout or a duplex or triplex layout.

At no extra cost, most door companies will lubricate your new torsion springs will be lubricated along with the hinges and rollers. Be sure to ask ahead of time. Also, ask for a general inspection to determine if there are any other problems or parts that are about to cause trouble in the near future.

Garage door repair: Winding new torsion springs.
Installation of new torsion springs.
You can also receive more simple tips on how to maintain your garage door to prolong the life of your door and operator and to minimize your future costs.

Note: if you have multiple springs on a residential garage door we encourage, you to have both springs replaced. For more information regarding this recommendation, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Extension Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Broken extension spring
A broken extension spring needing to be replaced hangs behind the tracks.
Most door companies will replace extension springs on residential garage doors as well as on commercial and industrial doors. Extension springs for sectional overhead doors and one-piece doors can be replaced. Due to spring fatigue and the likelihood of slightly different spring dimensions, your unbroken spring (which is likely to break soon as well) will likely also be replaced.

Due to the possible damage to life and property when extension springs break, we encourage the use of safety cables. If you already have safety cables, be sure they are reinstalled in your new extension springs. If you do not have safety cables, be sure to purchase them for your new extension springs or if some other work is being done on your door.

We also recommend new extension springs that lift within 20 pounds of the door weight.

EZ-SET & TorqueMaster Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Fixing a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster system.
TorqueMaster systems are normally replaced with Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster torsion springs, but most door dealers like to convert to standard torsion springs.
Repair companies also frequently replace Clopay's EZ-SET and Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster torsion springs. While most customers choose simply to have their broken springs replaced, some choose to have their garage door converted over to a standard torsion spring system because of the longer life spring options. A conversion from a TorqueMaster system requires more parts and labor than from an EZ-SET system due to the need for a new shaft.

Garage Door Repair: Replacing EZ-SET torsion springs.
EZ-SET torsion springs can be replaced with springs for the same system, or your door can be converted over to a standard torsion spring system.
If you have a Wayne Dalton system, and if the garage door repair company has a good local source for springs, they will probably install new TorqueMaster springs. If you have a Clopay EZ-SET system, the installer may have an inventory of Clopay springs. If not, he will probably recommend converting to standard torsion springs. If you prefer to keep the same OEM springs, ask the installer for the cost difference. Sometimes customers prefer the more expensive Clopay springs installed on their garage doors.

In addition to having new springs installed, ask for a general inspection of your garage door, including the hinges, rollers, and basic operation of the door. You can also receive additional tips on how to minimize maintenance costs for your door over the next several years. Just ask, but realize that many repairmen are in a hurry.

Self-Storage Roll-up Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Fixing mini-warehouse spring problems.
Broken self-storage roll-up door spring.
Self-storage roll-up door springs, also known as mini-warehouse springs, are typically found in storage facilities and are replaced by us.

Garage Door Repair: Self-storage facility.
These springs are typically found at self-storage facilities.
Your old springs' dimensions are matched for the new springs on your doors, and you can reduce costs by having springs changed on multiple doors at once.

Ask your service technician for more information regarding maintenance you can perform in order to keep your self-storage roll-up doors lasting longer.

Rolling Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Steel rolling door.
The springs are located inside the barrel.
Garage door repair companies install new torsion springs for commercial and industrial steel rolling doors. Springs are matched to specifically fit your door in order to get your operations back to normal. You can also ask for a general inspection of your steel rolling door to ensure that there are no other immediate problems and to possibly avoid future problems.

While many steel rolling doors are found in commercial and industrial warehouses for use with basic operations, they are also commonly used as fire doors. Smaller steel rolling doors are also often found at other venues such as concession stands. Springs for these doors can also be replaced.

Check with your repair tech for additional advice regarding minor repairs you can make to keep your door operating. Sometimes minor repairs, lubrication, and adjustments can substantially improve the life of your steel rolling door an operator.

If you have an operator, and if it is not functioning properly, have the technician provide and estimate for examining and repairing it. If you do not have an operator or are considering purchasing a new operator for your steel rolling door, you can see our PowerMaster Operators page, specifically the Model MG PowerMaster operators. Your service installer should be able to connect you with people in his company who can help you.

Garage Door & Opener Repair

Garage doors and openers are the two primary components of most homes. Whenever either one fails, you will need to have it repaired in order for you to keep using your garage. Garage door companies across the nation have men who are trained to repair garage door openers as well as the doors.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Opener Repair: Repairing Residential garage door opener.
Replacing a worn gear & sprocket on an opener.
On residential doors, the most common opener-related repairs are realigning of eyes and replacing stripped gears and sprockets in the garage door opener (pictured on the right). Other typical repairs include replacing circuit boards, limit switches, trolleys, drive chains, drive belts, and brackets.

Typical opener brands include Chamberlain LiftMaster, Sears-Craftsman, Genie, Allstar, Stanley, and PowerMaster commercial and residential operators. You can easily have your opener from these or other manufacturers repaired.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair: Bottom section replacement
This bottom section was replaced as it was in poor shape due to water damage. Most sections for wood doors are no longer available.
Squeaky hinges and rollers, bent tracks, and damaged sections are common problems with garage doors. You can have these typical repairs done as well as many others. If the garage door or the parts causing problems cannot be repaired, you can usually have them replaced. See our Garage Door Parts Replacement for more information

Sections on garage doors often become damaged for various reasons - water damage erodes the bottom section, mice chew through wooden bottom sections, and cars sometimes strike the garage doors. If the damage is minimal, if the parts are still available, individual sections of your garage door can be replaced to keep the bugs and weather out of your garage. Steel sections from manufacturers such as Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Raynor, C.H.I. are still in production, and these can usually be replaced. As with most manufacturers, however, many models have been discontinued, and often the entire door needs to be replaced. Sections for most wood doors are no longer made. That is a dying market except for the new high-end doors that cost many times the amount for standard doors.

Garage Door & Opener Replacement

Although springs are one of the most common parts that need to be replaced on residential as well as commercial and industrial doors, many other instances of damage cannot be repaired and require the replacement of parts. In more extreme instances, your entire door will need to be replaced. Door companies across the United States can replace garage doors and openers.

Garage Door Parts Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Replacing worn pulleys.
This worn pulley was replaced on an extension spring door.
You can browse many of the garage door parts that are used to repair your garage door. Garage door repairmen can replace worn or bent rollers, cracked or broken hinges, frayed or rusted cables, damaged tracks, broken end bearing plates, worn bearings, damaged weatherstripping, broken pulleys and almost any other part on your garage door.

Garage Door Repair: Replacing a roller on the bottom section.
This roller was replaced to allow for smoother operation.
Even if you do not know what is wrong with your door, an experienced technician can diagnose the problem to get your door operating again. Be sure to ask the repairman to examine the door to ensure you can avoid additional problems that may arise in the near future. Ask for recommendations for any additional problems that are present or which may arise in the future.

Garage Door Replacement

Damaged industrial, commercial, and residential doors can also be replaced with new doors featuring the newest design technology. Your old door can be replaced with doors from the leading manufacturers, including Raynor, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and C.H.I. You can also have a door installed in a new opening. For more information regarding the costs for new residential garage doors, contact a local installing door company.

Opener Replacement

Garage Door Repair: Installing new garage door openers.
A broad range of replacement residential and commercial openers are available.
Old and broken garage door openers and operators can be replaced with new operators that will help your door open smoothly and safely. If your door does not have and operator, you can also have one installed in order to make opening and closing your door easier.

The major manufacturers of the residential openers you can have installed include Chamberlain LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman, Genie, Allstar, and Stanley. Prices for the openers we carry are listed on our LiftMaster Residential Openers page.

Because commercial and industrial doors tend to be heavier, stronger, and more durable operators are needed to assist in opening and closing your door safely. View our PowerMaster Operators or our LiftMaster Operators pages for prices on these.

Garage Door Repair Rates & FAQ

The price for repairing the garage door varies widely across the country. We normally advise checking reviews before committing to getting your door fixed.

Service & Repair Hours

Service and repair hours vary by company. Some companies offer 24-hour repairs at the same price; others charge double the price for repairs after ta certain time. Hours are usually posted on their web sites.

Service & Repair Area

Many garage door web sites have their service area listed, and Google maps will often show their location and pictures of their facilities. Often calling a company outside the normal service area will cost more, or it will possibly delay the time it takes for the repair company to arrive and service your door.

Many customers like to know more about the work that will be performed before calling a door company. If you want to be an informed buyer, you can learn what we do by examining our do-it-yourself tutorials.

General Repair Rates

Service rates vary across the country. Most companies have fixed rates for repairs such as replacing broken torsion springs, but many are charge strictly time and materials. There is usually a minimum charge to come to your place. Quotations for new doors free, but many companies charge to come out and credit the call if you purchase the garage door from them. Commercial and industrial rates usually run $10 to $20 higher than residential rates, and dock leveler rates are normally higher than standard rates for commercial door repairs.

The standard company procedure for broken industrial and commercial torsion springs is usually to clamp, measure, and rewind your broken spring as a temporary repair until the new springs can be ordered. This allows the customer to continue using the door until the new spring or springs arrive. Hourly rates apply to clamp the spring. If the spring is a standard truck inventory part, however, it may not be necessary to clamp the spring.

Residential Spring Replacement Rates

These jobs are normally billed at flat rates, which vary across the country. Replacing springs on eight-foot high doors usually costs more than replacing springs on seven-foot high doors. If the door has more than two springs or if the springs are bigger than normal because the door is heavier than normal, replacement is usually billed at time and materials.

Residential Cable Replacement Rates

The price for replacing cables varies widely across the country. If a cable breaks on one side, do not try to close the door as you may damage the tracks and other components, doubling or tripling the cost of fixing the original problem.

Commercial Repair Training

We also offer in-house training seminars to train garage door company employees as well as maintenance workers in garage door repair. Many garage door technicians haven't had the opportunity to be properly trained, and we've helped a number hone their skills. We've also helped many start their own installation and repair companies.


Warranties vary across the country. Be sure to get the warranty in writing and make a note of the parts and price difference. I heard of one company in Texas that was providing lifetime warranties on residential spring replacements. There was no charge for the springs, but they charged exorbitantly for the labor. Also, remember that warranty coverage is based on normal use and does not cover abuse or acts of God.

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DELAYS AND INFLATION: COVID has interrupted global supply distribution chains resulting in unprecedented delays on incoming door and dock industry products. The result is limited availability of many products, two to three month delays on incoming shipments, and an inflationary rate of over 100% on most of our products, and 200-300% on many of our core products such as springs and cones.

SHIPPING CHANGES: Shipping times are currently not guaranteed, even on next day and second day shipments. Normal transit times do not apply. Shipping prices on items over 10 feet long have tripled in many cases.

SPRING WIRE AND CONE SHORTAGES: We currntly have a good inventory of 2" ID springs and cones. However, due to cone and wire shortages, we currently do not have cones for the residential 1 3/4" and 2 1/4" ID springs. For these sizes many customers are reusing their existing cones. If you need the larger inside diameter springs for commercial doors, there will be a one to two month delay on your order. If you are willing to wait two months for your springs, please note that in the comment section of your order. We deeply regret the hardships this will create for many of our customers.

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