Parts for Rite-Hite Dock Levelers

Beginning as a prominent dock leveler and vehicle restraint supplier, over the years Rite-Hite has established a dominant presence in the industry. As a pioneer in dock safety products, in 1980 Rite-Hite introduced the DOK-LOK® trailer restraint system that set a precedent for dock safety. Protecting against several safety concerns with trailer separation, it continues to be the go-to option for dock safety. After obtaining Frommelt Industries in 1991, Rite-Hite drastically expanded their product offerings, adding impact doors, dock seals and shelters, cold storage doors, and industrial power doors. Rite-Hite offers full lines of hydraulic, air powered, and mechanical dock levelers, as well as specialized options. These include hydraulic railcar ramps, edge of dock levelers, lift platforms, and their Dual-Dock™ system. This unique option offers both dock leveler and lift platform capability at the same location in the facility. Rite-Hite's Z-Deck™ truck leveler offers an option that reduces the lifting surface slope, and thus offers better protection from trailers rolling away from the dock. In addition the levelers, they offer comprehensive lines of vehicle restraints. With various options and styles available including trailer stabilizing, shadow hook, vertical barrier, and Wheel-Lok restraints, the customer can protect against many different risks including early departure, trailer creep, landing gear collapse, trailer pop up, and trailer upending. Many other safety and communication accessories are also available. In addition to these extensive loading dock solution product lines, Rite-Hite and its subsidiaries offer industrial doors, dock shelters, HVLS industrial fans, industrial curtain walls, machine guards, fabric HVAC ductwork, and telescopic conveyors.