Using Torsion Springs with Different Lifts

Customers have asked if it is OK to use a 100-pound lift spring with an 80-pound lift springs to lift a 180-pound garage door.

The answer is yes. Probably more manufacturers than not have been doing this from the beginning. The priority in manufacturing is balancing the garage door with a minimum of inventory.

Service companies also do this to minimize inventory and to reduce errors made by service techs who don't know how to convert unmatched springs.

If you are ordering replacement garage door springs, however, we recommend using springs that are matched.

The main reason is to maximize cycle life. Unmatched springs will usually have one with a shorter cycle life that will break first. If both springs are replaced at the same time, the remaining cycles in the unbroken spring will go unused.

A second reason not to use unmatched springs is that the larger wire will often cause the spring to pull the shaft to one side, causing cable drums to scrape and the cables to peel off the drums. It also causes the flag bracket to come loose at times.

You do not need to understand engineering jargon: inch pounds per turn (IPPT), moment arm, active coils, and constants just to replace your springs. We have already done that work for you.

Use our Find My Spring Database™ Program to find compatible matched springs by clicking on the "Find a Matching Spring Pair" tab and entering the information for your two springs. Many professional garage door service companies, spring suppliers, and manufacturers use this program as well, not only to match springs but also to determine lifts and longer life torsion spring options for garage doors.

After completing the form, the program will calculate a pair of matched springs. Assuming a matched spring pair is found in the database, you will have the option of purchasing matched springs.

The new matched torsion springs shown should have at least as many cycles as the smallest-cycle spring of your old pair. An old spring pair with 14,000 and 24,000 cycles on the springs will show you a pair with at least 14,000 cycles.

If you want more cycles on your new springs, feel free to check out the compatible springs below the initial spring pair we show you.

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