One Piece Single Panel Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement

Replacing a one piece garage door extension spring

The following instructions demonstrate how to replace extension springs on a one piece single panel garage door. On this garage door, there was no opener. If you have an opener, you will need to disengage the opener and unplug the power to the opener.

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1. Open the garage door.
2. Attach a vise grip to the track or support door with ladder or board.
3. Loosen the nut below the bottom of first spring.
4. Remove the old spring.
5. The top pivot bolt on some doors has bearings that are worn. If your bearing or shaft is worn, replace it with bolts, nuts, and washers, and lubricate with wheel bearing grease as pictured.
6. Install the new spring.
7. Tighten the nut to its original position.
8. Repeat the process with the other spring.
9. Test the springs and adjust the bottom nut on each spring as needed.

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