End Bearing Replacement

This tutorial is to be used in conjunction with the end bearing plate replacement tutorial. One option is to replace only the bearing instead of the whole bearing plate.

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1. Notice that this bearing is worn to the point that you can see between the race and the bearing housing. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
2. To replace the bearing, you will need a short cylinder that is about an inch deep and about 2 1/4 " in diameter. I use a part I picked up at a plumbing supply house. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
3. Center the bearing over the fitting and knock the bearing out with a hammer. The wider part of the outer ring of the bearing needs to be on the bottom of the plate. Crawford Torsion Spring Conversion
4. Here you see the bearing has been knocked out. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
5. Turn the end bearing plate over and position the new bearing in the plate, as shown. Crawford Torsion Spring Conversion
6. Center the plate and bearing over the cylinder. The bearing will be hammered into the bracket. You will need some kind of fitting with at least a 1 1/4" hole and an outer rim or edge that is at least two inches. I use a 1 1/4" collar. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
7. Hammer the bearing into the plate using the wide side of the hammer claw. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
8. Continue hammering. Make sure the tools are properly aligned to allow the bearing to slide into the bracket. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
9. Here you see the new bearing installed in the bearing plate. Crawford Torsion Spring conversion
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