Cable Installation

A number of years ago, someone asked how to replace the cables on his garage door. He had also loosened the setscrews on both drums to level the door and asked if the cables can be replaced and the drums secured without having to unwind the spring.

Working with spring tension is dangerous. I would first recommend that you view the dangers and warnings described in our tutorial on How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs.

The simplest solution would be to insert a winding bar in the winding cone of the spring, loosen the set screws, and let the other end of the winding bar rest against the top of the door. Do this to both springs if you have two springs. The shaft will be free to turn, and you can replace the cables and reset and secure your cable drums.

To reset your spring tension, follow the necessary steps for reinstalling the garage door cables and winding the springs.

If you are more of an audio-visual learner, we have videos below on how to replace cables for your garage door.

How to Replace Cables on a Standard Torsion Spring Door

The Wayne Dalton Torquemaster System can be a bit confusing to repair when you do not have a lot of experience working with it. Below, we have made a tutorial video on how to replace your Wayne Dalton Torquemaster cables safely and easily.

How to Replace Cables on a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster System

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