Clopay Garage Door Parts

Clopay garage door parts

Important Note: Clopay had earlier ceased production of the pinch-proof hardware, but due to market demands, the parts are being remade. According to Clopay, the new replacement parts will not be available until next January. These include the HI-1C, HI-2C, HI-3C and the HI-4C end hinges on garage doors that use hinges stamped with the numbers 01 CBPC, 02 CBPC, 03 CBPC, and 04 CBPC. If you can't wait, the only current options for these doors is to have a welder or fabricator make the parts, or to replace the doors. Sometimes used parts can be purchased on EBay. We are compiling a list of customers to contact when the parts become available. If you would like to place your name on the list please contact us.

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