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Introducing Ray Bansal – Phoenix / Scottsdale / Tempe, AZ Doors

Friday, January 26th, 2018 at 6:43 pm by Dan Musick

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of personally training men to repair residential and commercial garage doors and openers, along with steel rolling doors and dock levelers.

This week I had the honor of training a true tradesman and businessman, Ray Bansal. He hails from England and he began as a software man, but he prefers hands-on business. Over a number of years, he built and ran a glass company. He sold that business and later built and sold an entrance door company.

Now he’s beginning a third venture – selling, installing and servicing all types of doors and dock equipment.

He scored very high on the mechanical test we give, and he demonstrated extremely quick learning, often running ahead of me in my instruction. Training him was a real joy; I threw everything at him and he soaked it up like a sponge. He’s as agile as a 20-year-old.

He’s honest and hardworking. Unlike many professionals who charge the customers for their learning, Ray understands that with every business there is a learning curve, and he will not bill that to the customer. That has been my philosophy over the decades, and that sense of fairness is not common.

The name of his company is Prostar Doors. In coming days you’ll find his site at Until then you can reach him on his cell phone at 408-210-4780. He gets a lot of spam calls just as I do, so if he doesn’t answer, I would recommend leaving a message.

Tell him you read about him on Dan’s blog, and wish him all success in his new business.

I am expecting great things of you, Ray! May God bless you as you serve your many customers in the Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale area.


Garage Door Sales

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 4:17 pm by Dan Musick

DDM Garage Doors no longer sells garage doors outside of the Chicagoland area. In the past we built wood crates for shipping garage doors over the road. We recently stopped doing this because the $500-$1,000 freight costs were often as much as the price of the door itself.

We also tried shipping doors through the Amarr dealer network; the closest regional Amarr warehouse would deliver doors directly to our customers. We stopped doing that due to frequent complications regarding door features, lead time, and shipping details.

If you are still interested in purchasing a door, and if you are outside the Chicagoland area, we suggest you try a local Lowes, Menards or Home Depot. Their prices are reasonable, but you may have to wait a few weeks for the order. Sometimes local mom-and-pop stores have the door you need at even better prices. There are also a few companies that sell doors on line.

Sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and hire a professional installer. From past experience we have found that an installing company can better size your opening and provide the best door for your application. I’ve never been impressed with the advice I’ve gotten at home centers.


International Door Association IDA Expo 2015 Indianapolis

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at 11:11 am by Dan Musick

IDA Expo 2015


This is the first trade show for door dealers that I’ve attended in over 20 years. The trade organization used to be called D.O.D.A., short for Door and Operator Dealers of America. I took a lot of pictures and videos I’d hoped to post here, but I discovered on the way out that I was not to publish them.

Service Spring. As we entered the expo we went immediately to the booth of our primary supplier of springs, door parts and opener parts.  It was great to see and meet the people we talk to on almost a daily basis, but whom we’d never met face to face. I shared with them the goal I have when I order from them: to be off the phone in less than a minute. Usually it works. Their sales people are phenomenal!

CHI Garage Doors. Their Model 2283 was my favorite in the years I was installing them. Their exhibit was the most impressive. They’ve developed a totally new design of pass doors for sectional doors (Click to view video) and pass doors for steel rolling doors (Click to view video). After the doors open, the Wicket Doors and framing above them swing to the inside. Wow! What an innovation! I had the opportunity to meet the designer, Paul Ravens. He shared the company’s work standard: God first, family second, work third, one of their keys to superior quality and continued growth and success.

Arrow Truline. Jeff Chappuies showed me their new torsion spring winder. This provides faster and safer winding for torsion springs. I just ordered a box of these and I’ll have our web product developer post them on line. We’ll need a little help with this from our video person as well. Jeff knows doors like someone who’s been installing and repairing them for decades, even though he learned the business from inside the factory.

Action Industries. They’ve supplied most of our garage door seals over the decades. Marcus showed me the rodent block seals. I asked my warehouse manager to order a few rolls of this on our next shipment. In the past I’ve recommended stuffing steel wool inside the bottom seal, but that rusts and makes a mess. Action’s product uses stainless steel mesh. I’ll never forget the Friday morning I called in a $12,000 order for door seals. Marcus had the product ready that afternoon. He stayed late to help load the product in my van for delivery the next morning in Wisconsin.

Denco. John has always been a big help getting us the parts we need. He finally convinced me to get a bench cable crimper which I ordered last Monday.

National Door. I finally met Jan. A while back they shipped over $20,000 worth of their jumbo seal to jobs in Colorado. She was impressive in the way she managed the order. Much of their product we sell we don’t even have on our site yet. We also get our windows from National.

Iowa spring. Great to sit down with Dan and discuss the different springs they make for us. He taught me a lot about dock leveler springs. I talked briefly to Cameron, the rep for this area. They are great people to do business with. They also supply springs to farm implement manufacturers.

Martin Garage Doors. I’ve never seen one of their doors, but they have always impressed me as the most safety-conscious of all the different garage door manufacturers. Their doors feature the safety track system and their safety spring system. If a garage door spring breaks and the door is disengaged when the door is open, the safety system will prevent the door from free-falling.

Fehr Brothers. I talked to them about their longer life extension springs rated at 30,000 cycles. I’ll be ordering some to test this summer as part of a mechanical engineering student’s internship here in West Chicago.

Napoleon / Lynx. I talk to about their painted extension springs. They have the cleanest extension springs on the market. I’ve ordered almost countless spring and parts from them over the decades.

Wayne Dalton. I met the man who named the spring system “Torquemaster.” That was some story to hear.

Overhead Door Parts.Com. These parts are getting harder to find. It’s great to have a resource to help finding them. Customers are loyal to the parts with the Overhead Door ribbon.

IControls. A Canadian company. It looks like they will be able to produce some universal OEM and aftermarket controls for hydraulic, air and Linear actuated dock levelers.

Chamberlain Liftmaster. The representatives there were very helpful. Chamberlain has instituted IMap policies prohibiting the sale of products at below market value. For example, a dealer on Amazon sells the 8500 for $314 including shipping.

Genie. They had the biggest booth. When people think of garage door openers they often think of Genie; they’re a household name. Personally, I prefer Liftmaster openers, but everyone in the trade has their own opinion.

Janus International. Here is a great supplier of rolling doors for self-storage facilities. We’ve quoted many of these over the years, but we haven’t sold very any. It’s a competitive market, but I do hope to get some of these on line in the coming year.

Northwest Door. They’re from the state of Washington. They had the most beautiful door I’ve ever seen. A lot of people out West ask for spring dimensions for various models of doors. The national sales manager clued me into how to get the information I needed.

Super Sneaky. It’s a great product, but for a limited market. It requires the opener to push the top of the door against the top of the opening. That doesn’t always work on 16 foot doors.  We’ve developed a method for installing double roller low headroom top fixtures on 16 foot wide steel doors.

Sliding Door Pros.  I’d like to get sliding door parts up on our site in the next year. The box tracks, hangers and trolleys are great for sliding barn doors.

American Garage Door Supply, Inc. They have great solutions for harsh environments such as car washes. Products include sealed rollers and stainless steel hinges and fixtures. The parts are impressive, but they cost about 10 times as much as the standard galvanized hardware. And the market is quite limited. When I worked at Door Systems of Elk Grove back in the ‘80’s they installed many of the air operators carried by this company. I still haven’t decided whether to carry these parts.

E-Z Weigh Scale. This is a great innovation for weighing garage doors.

Schweiss. For decades Schweiss has led the industry in the manufacture of hydraulic one piece and bifold agricultural doors, barn doors, and aviation hangar doors. Parts for these are on the back burner. Last year in Michigan I helped train some men on how to repair some of the bifold doors.

Torque Force Division of Canimex. This is a Canadian company. I’ve seen their name on cable drums and cones for decades. They are leading the industry in free-fall containment devices. These either prevent the torsion tube from turning or they cause the bottom roller to lock into the track to keep the door from falling.

Rotary Products, Inc. They have led the industry for decades providing Dock seals, shelters, lights, bumpers, snow hoods, wheel chocks, dock boards, track protectors, dock levelers, strip doors, safety rails, and a host of other products.

New Employee for New Markets: Jane Herbert

Friday, March 20th, 2015 at 8:43 am by Dan Musick

In changing economic times, DDM sees a strategic opportunity to help customers find a growing array of commercial and industrial garage doorsgarage door partsdock leveler parts, and garage door springs online with rapid web accessibility, backed by DDM Garage Doors’ quality commitment.

Helping accomplish this is Jane Herbert, New Markets Developer at DDM.

She seeks to connect commercial and industrial buyers with DDM’s selection of dock leveler parts, commercial springs, steel rolling door partscustom high lift kits, and garage door parts for contractors and builders. To accomplish this, she works hard to mine the resources of various e-commerce sites.

Jane brings many years of experience in entrepreneurship and business administration from her architectural firm. She graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from Ball State University, and she also holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. She has an ongoing specialty in computers and website enhancement. Her certificate in web development from College of DuPage rounds out her vast experience. Jane works in collaboration with central administration, sales, and business partner, DDM Web Services, Inc.

Jane envisions purchasing managers of industrial firms, trucking companies, and government contractors connecting with DDM’s presence through various e-commerce sites such as AmazonEBayGoogle ShoppingSears and Alibaba.

We welcome Jane to the task, and we wish her all the best.


The Door is Open This Spring for DDM Garage Doors!

Thursday, March 19th, 2015 at 4:10 pm by Dan Musick

Updated July 2017:

Unfortunately due to unforeseen issues with sourcing these garage doors, we no longer sell garage doors or door sections outside of the Chicagoland area. More details can be found on a more recent blog post.


As the new construction season starts, DDM continues its new door sales within the Chicago area, and expands its reach nationwide and to the world, with more models featured at our revamped Garage Doors page.  In conjunction with Amarr Door Company, DDM now offers more residential and commercial doors to more US and North America locations than ever before.

All Amarr doors are manufactured in the USA, and most are readily available.  Models such as the Heritage, Stratford, Lincoln, and Olympus head the list. Classica and Oak Summit doors provide an upscale beauty.  Sizes range from the most popular 16 X 7 to single-car doors, and custom sizes, and you can mix sizes on your new construction or existing openings.  Amarr gives customers a notable advantage with their local delivery to many US cities.  Check out our list of locations.

Clopay continues its tradition with insulated offerings such as the 4050 and 4300. CHI equips garages with trusted model 2240 (non-insulated), and a variety of insulated sandwich doors.  Wayne Dalton 8300 series and Raynor Relante add product diversity.  DDM can crate these for you if desired, and route them to where you are.

DDM’s Canadian customers in Vancouver and Toronto will find much quality and selection from Amarr facilities that supply their greater areas.  If you’re north of the border, don’t hesitate to call us and get good exchange rates on your new door.

And we look forward to working with a wider range of international customers, as many find us on the Web.  Customers who import are encouraged to use their trusted shipper to arrange delivery from US ports.

You always know with DDM you will be getting a fair price and excellent component parts. In addition, DDM provides an ever-growing number of instructional videos and ongoing technical support to help you keep your door in shape.

Scam! Dealers Beware!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 at 8:44 pm by Dan Musick

As links to our door prices appear on the first page of a Google search of “garage door prices” we tend to catch the first assaults of scam artists. Last year it was phone calls for an order from someone who was hearing impaired and had to type messages through a special service provided by the phone company. This was reported in the DASMA trade journal Door & Access Systems in the Fall, 2006 issue at

An earlier story by MSNBC detailing the schemes of these con artists can be viewed at

It looks like they are at it again this year. Following is an e-mail exchange from the last few days. I may have called his bluff in the last transmission, but I’m not holding my breath.

If you have come to this site by googling phrases from his e-mails, beware!

The subject line read: “Order.” James Amoroso 8/20/2007 6:55 AM

Good day,

My name is James and I want to know if you carry or can order a Non-Insulated Garage Door with size 16′ x 7′ to be picked up from your store.

Please let me know the unit price plus the terms of payment you accept.

Hope to read from you son as it is possible.


My Response: On 8/22/07, DDM Garage Doors wrote:


A CHI 2250 25 ga. non-insulated garage door would be $450.00 plus tax.
This includes door, hardware, torsion springs and perimeter weather seal.


To which the scam artist replied: 8/23/07 12:33 AM Re: Order.

Please update total quantity to 20 units and let me know the total cost so I can email you with my credit card info for full payment processing prior to pick-up.


At this point we smelled a rat. To which we replied on 8/23/07:


Doors are not in stock. They would take about two weeks to get. Where are these doors going to be installed? Also please provide a phone number so we can discuss details.


To which “James” replied on 8/23/07:

Dan I am hearing impaired so everything will have to be done via email.
Also the doors are to be shipped outside the Country to a Church in West-Africa.


To which I replied on 8/23/07:


I have contacts with missionaries in West Africa. Which church needs the doors, and what will they do with all the doors?


(If you are a door dealer and you’re getting similar e-mails, send us your story of this scam and we may post or quote from it.)

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