Springs for Clopay EZ-Set

From the list below you can order replacement springs for EZ Set systems by color designation or spring part number. All original EZ Set springs were installed on Holmes, Ideal or Clopay garage doors. You can also order springs for EZ Set systems by model number or door weight. On the same page is additional helpful information about EZ Set systems.

EZ Set springs are specially gapped. One end of the spring fits into the winder. The other end is secured to the shaft with set screws. The spring is wound from the winder end.

For every turn of spring tension the length of a torsion spring increases by one coil. EZ Set springs are specially gapped to allow space for the number of coils to grow as the spring is wound.

On standard torsion springs the coils are tight. These normally grow in length as the spring is wound at the opposite end with the cones that have the set screws. Securing this end of the spring to the shaft first and then winding the other end won't work because there is no space to add the coils as the spring winds. If a standard spring is installed on an EZ Set system, turning the winder will usually dislodge or strip the gears inside.

Using a standard spring on an EZ Set system will also break the plastic winder tabs that hold the winder cone. When I first encountered the EZ Set system springs I used a standard torsion spring. I knew not to use the winder because there was no space for the number of coils to grow. So, I wound the opposite end of the spring with winding bars and then I tightened the setscrews. On standard torsion springs the ends of the coils pull toward the center when the door opens and the coils gap. On the EZ Set system, however, a standard spring, secured to the shaft at one end, pulls on the other end. The other end is secured with two plastic tabs. As I opened the door the winder cone pulled out of the winder, the spring unwound, the cables came loose, and the full weight of the door ended up in my lap. That's where I began my education in EZ Set systems.

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